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    Cost Comparison: Buy OEM used 66V cyl+ piston, or have my cyl resleeved?

    Typo: my existing cylinder does not have a sleeve. It's OEM used nickasil

    Just wondering if it's worth sending my old cyl off to be resleeved.

    Probably need to replace all three pistons, too.

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    Stock they do not have sleeves only plating.
    Millennium offers plating service.

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    well its about 250 for re-plating plus 160 for a piston kit so 410, or a clean used one could sell for 200-250 with piston just get new rings or a pitson kit 160 and a new cylinder for 555 gl with the build.

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    PM Sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian79 View Post
    PM Sent
    Stock yamaha use a plated sleave for better heat transfer, to run lean carb. settings for EPA emision, Ive been running sleaved cylinders for 3years now, I just adg. carbs richer and add extra oil premix 1oz per gal. plus oil injection.

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