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    What type of water control valves are used w/ Factory Pipe?

    While reading the instructions it says that the adjustments to the water injection in the pipe are made not with Jets but rather a valve. Does anyone have a picture of this? I have a rossier pipe and am thinking about going out and getting some needle valves to make the injection a little more tuneable.

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    It's not really a Valve. More like a threaded hole between the outer body/inner body of the Pipe which passes through the Water jacket. There is a SS piece of all thread in it (with a socket) with a lock-nut which you screw IN/OUT to meter the small amount of water from the Water jacket into the interior of the Pipe thus changing the sonic wave speed and scavenging effect using water,,,, aka "Tuning"....

    From the outside it just looks like a short Allen head screw (without the Head) sticking out a 1/4" from the Pipe Body with a Lock Nut on it. Drilling/Placement is critical so you probably dont want to Mod. your Rossi in the same way. They were designed as is by people who spent a lot of time in competition so they probably work the best as you bought them.

    I think FPP has a close up pix of it somewhere on their Web site.

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    I have a FPP on a 750 kawi 750ss and it has that set screw that allows more or less water into the pipe for more bottom end. Since your in the seadoo section i don't think they have that type of setting, on a 787 you have mikuni jets that meter the amount of water injected into the pipe and a ecwi that does the same thing as that set screw but it is electronic and shuts off at higher rpms.

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    I'm looking to be able to make quick jet changes, I'm thinking about installing a needle valve where the jet would be. Lowes carries some nice brass ones. Has anyone done this before?

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    On the rossier i had a 90 mikuni jet in the mid pipe and a 160 in the stinger and that was just fine.

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