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    Sl 700 will not die

    When I pull the lanyard it will not die. I have tried 3 different switches and have the same result every time. I have tried pushing the button as well with the same result, I have to pull the choke to get it to die. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    kill wire

    check the wires in the ebox, if that does not work i have an kill switch for you for shipping costs

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    I have checked everything in the box and I have tried 3 different switches just wondering if it could be anything else

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    Ground the Black/Yellow wire that goes into the actual CDI module. Does the engine still start and run?

    If yes, then the CDI has a problem, and needs to be replaced.

    If this is an original CDI, then install the Ignition Update Kit, rather than just replacing the CDI with another original version.

    Ignition Update Kit includes a new version of CDI, new magneto stator, and new ignition coil and plug wires. Much more reliable than the original version

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    I will try that today thanks

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