PM me for more details and my facebook page to sign up if interested.
So far I have 13 people with PWCs and boats coming. The more the better.

Willow Beach information:

Camping, seadooings, kayaking, Hoover dam, Colorado river and lake mohave. Come one come all. Plenty of inexpensive hotel rooms. Gambling , FOOD. This is a family event. Feel free to email or PM me with any question. We will be caravaning there. Also is anyone is interested in sharing a waverunner rental let me know. It saves money and still just as fun. And did I mention FOOD and lots FOOD. BBQn, restaurants and the biggest IN&OUT burger Ive ever seen in laughlin.----and of course bean dip with fritos is a mandatory bring!

**** And to all that attend everyone should bring 1 case of water each***
Summer temps can reach 115 degrees- so we will throw you in the water as needed.

Schedule of events: Mon-arrive,seek out a campsite. camp monday night and tuesday night on the lake.We will be DRY camping,meaning we will be out in the middle of nowhere on the lake. No electricity, no running water. We bring EVERYTHING we use by raft or boat.For those who dont want to camp, just hang out at out beach and soak up the sun.
Wed- colorado, cruise up to .
Wed night DINNER night .
Thur-Colorado river day kayaking or seadooing
Friday-anything goes
All subject to change, we will see when we all get there.

Up to date weather:, NV, United States&from=searchbox_typeahead

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