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    Sea Doo GTX 1996

    Sea 1996 GTX Sea Doo Still Having Rev Problems after new rectifier installed
    I am still running into the same issues with the ski not performing as well as it should. My 1996 GTX It can't even keep up with my 1997 venture 760. When I get any air or go over chop it just drops RPMs, almost like it is bogging down. The new rectifier is installed, new fuel lines, filter, new battery. The ski only has 35 hours on it, and it is all fresh water, but 40mph is very slow for this ski. I need help please.

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    The GTX has been a problem since I purchased it.

    It had no MPEM when I purchased the ski, so I bought a new one online, and the ski ran 55 MPH...give or take.... Then I started to use it more and I started to loose power after a while, I would take it out for a ride and it would start up and run great until I would get on it hard, or get air off a wave and then it would not go over 40mph. I changed the Rectifier as advised by this site, also I replaced most of the gray fuel lines, not the one jammed under the black airbox, I could not get it out. New spark plugs, cleaned the front fuel filter, good synthetic oil. I moved the ground to the block, put a new battery in it. Still it will not go 6800RMPs for more than a second before the two stroke raw power is gone. It idols at 1450RPMS in the salt water, and 3000RPMs on the hose. The ski is a 1996 and it was used in fresh water in NY before I got it to florida, I always flush it and keep it clean. Please help, I kinda think it is not getting enough gas. But I an just a college student with a love for the water and a drive to get back out on my ski. Thank you.

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    You need to clean your rave valves(mushroom caps with red top) and also you need to rebuild your carbs. There is a micro filter in each carb and usually the rear carb filter gets all the gunk. If you don't you will end up seizing your engine! The only grey line that i leave is the vent line that goes out the side of the ski. You also need to clean your fuel selector switch, if you didn't notice when you replaced your fuel lines there was green goo on the ends, that is the chit that will plug those filters.

    Here is a tip once you get those filters out soke them in acetone for a bit and then swirl them around, i then shoot carb cleaner on the filter mesh and use a q-tip to clean out the inside.

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    Carb Cleaning 787 Video

    I am going to use this video to clean the carbs, also I am going to order the SBT carb kit. I cleaned the rave valves with carb cleaner and a small piece of wood to scrap all the junk. I want to test it before I rebuild the carbs to see if the rave valves cleaning made a difference.

    Thanks....oh this is a link to the video

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    787 Running Pure

    So I Cleaned and rebuilt the carbs this weekend to find black tar filling the internal fuel filters.... I purchased a rebuild kit from RIVA for $50 each carb. It was easy to rebuild, but a pain to remove all the Allin key bolts to get to the carbs, I also stripped a couple screws so that really dragged the process..... I ran the ski after, it ran very good top end but not great at idol or just cruzin in the no wake zones. I think I messed up on the low speed jets, meaning I need to tune them. I found on the site that the low speed should be at -1 and the high at 0. This just means I screw them in all the way and back them out a little.... Thanks for all the help, also I bought some cool fuel lines from Riva, so now I can see the gas flow. Any tips to tune these carbs on the ski?

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