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Thread: 550sx side pads

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    550sx side pads

    Tried to post this under Kawasaki skis but was unable. I have just bought a 92 550sx to join my90. The solid rubber pads along the tray/footwell side areas have seperated from their plastic backing forms. My 90 has a very slight amount of the same condition, but not so bad as I ever messed with it. This one though needs attention. I slid the left (as veiwed from rear of ski) of and tried to glue the pads back on the form. Stretch, clamp, glue...glue stretch clamp...tried to pull the rubber through each lil' hole etc too. Still not much better after a few hours of wrestling with it. Didn't do much to the right hand side except lay a lil glue under edges. As common as this is on these, I am sure someone has a far better fix than what I tried. New "assemblies" available? Screws, rivets? Anyone done better than adhesive?

    This forum looks GREAT, looking forward to hitting it more and THANKS ahead of time!!!

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    Well, I will try again...
    Couple other 550sx questions...first the same 1992 backfires. Reed motor all stock except water box. Put fresh gas/oil mix and fired in the drive. It backfires as it winds up and gains rpms. Did it REAL bad at first. Blew exhaust off the water box. Drained old fuel and thought it might help. Started yesterday, did not seem as bad, but still popped once.
    Second ?, my 1990 seems to drain the battery as it sits.
    Any ideas / help for either?
    Still hoping someone has an idea for repairing the pads on the 92 also.
    Appreciate anything. THANKS!!!!!

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    you might want to post the same question on over on x-h20. or look @ the links on the left hand side

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    Thanks, I will do so!

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    I did get some little buttons.
    Fixed the pads up nicely!!!

    I did pick up 2 new skis though.
    This 1992 and my 1990 are for sale now.
    With a 2 place trailer $1850

    Got 2 new 1995s all stock as replacments.

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