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Thread: zxi carb swap

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    zxi carb swap

    hey guys ive been lookin on here for a few days and cant find to many people that have any info on this, im working on my buddys zxi 1100 so far we have put a coffmans water box in, r&d head 32cc domes i believe they are, r&d intake manifold with a set of mikuni 46mm carbs and vortex filters. now heres my issue everyone i call has no idea what size jets i should be starting with, i called r&d they were no help at all to say the least, i called group k same thing. so i figured because i purchased the carb intake and filters off another zxi i would just bolt them on and go from there. once they were on it was a real bitch gettin the ski started but once i was running she fires up everytime, now on initial start up it sounded like it was starving for fuel i gave it alil throttle and she starts rev very high i shut it down before it gets to 4k. start it back up the revs shoot right up. my guess shes running lean problem is where to go from here how high on the main, how high on the pilot, which needle and seat, what spring?????? im gonna pull the carbs off later today and find out whats in them to start. worse case was i was gonna see what old school gp 1200 guys were running with 46mm carbs on thier skis i figure its gotta be close.

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    I know on stock 1100 CDK II 40mm carbs the springs are 70gr 8.7mm and the seat is 1.6. The jets are 75 for the pilot and 100 front jet and 125 on the other two. Need to find out what the specs and what you have in the 46mm carbs and go from there. Pop-off and your mixture settings will have a lot to do with the tuning of the carb. You find out what is on the 46 then you can find out what springs you need and where your mixture screws need to be set.

    The people I know who run that carb though which have changed the jet plate out with one that has a 2.0 seat they are running 95gr springs, 140 high and 115 low with the low and high screws set at 1 turn out. I am not sure what pop-off pressure they are set at. I run stock so I am at 30psi but I am sure from the way they talk to me they are probably in the ballpark of 12-15psi.

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    Where are the low speed screws at. Try turning them out if you can. Max is 3 turns out. That should fatten up the bottom for idle. When you get that idleing good then put it in the water to see what it does. If it hesitates and/or dies when you try to take off then it is lean on popoff or pilot.

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    I was told you shouldn't go out more then 2 turns. Is it ok to go over 2 then? I was told if you were turning it out more then 2 your pop-off wasn't right or you were under jetted.

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