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    Cool 1ST RUN 6 Days Away..concerns

    Im new to jet skis and i may be asking this in the wrong section since this is for performance but sorry for that. im getting a stx 15f yay.. what might i want to have before i go to pick up the jet ski from the dealer and take it out on the first run...

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    the obvious would be a life vest, after that I carry a fire extinguisher, whistle and rope, just in case! others will come with more info!

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    flares if on ocean they asked to see mine once

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    that type of stuff i kinda know from having a boat for basically my whole life i guess im thinking more of after riding stuff

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    Go over every clamp, hose, check for any loose hardware , battery connections etc........... as most Dealer Prep guys are in a big hurry and tend to miss a few things, you should get a copy of the set up and assembly check list, go over EVERYTHING they said they have checked off.......

    Then when you get to the water.......................

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    I dont know where you live, but here I called my local coast gaurd and they told me the safety equipment that I needed. You can even go to the coast gaurd station, have them do a safety check, they will give you a sticker, and if you get pulled over later in the year you can show them the sticker and they will let you go. Good luck and be careful.

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