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    04 Supercharger! (accepting trades)

    Hello all,

    I have a 04 charger that I pulled out of my 04 RXP, the charger ran fine with no problems, but still seems to have stock washers, meaning it needs to be rebuilt. I swapped it out with an X Charger before I could find out what happens if i break ceramics!

    Im not really sure what this is worth, or if its worth anything, so i'll put it up here! Id like say, $125 shipped, or trade me for go fast parts for my RXP! What i need most right now is a prop, 14/19, 15/19 , 15/20, or anything else you think i might be interested in! My ski has an X Charger, 42lbs, and a 4" kanaflex intake.

    pic of the shaft:


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    Need better pic, i think it has a 06 and newer shaft!

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    I will say that the guy I bought the ski from said it had a rebuilt charger at 100 hours , which was sometime in 06 ... ski had 115 hours on it when i took it out

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    nobody? I need this tthis thing gone any reasonable offer takes it!

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