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    unlock light? no start

    I just picked up an 07 fx it needed a few things, well im trying to get it started and the unlock light comes on and i get a faint sound from the e-box. Will this need to be reset and how would i do it. I have a 99 gp 1200 did the same thing and i just needed to unplug a wire.

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    Figured out I needed the key fob, got that part out the way.
    Now the gages all work but is just beeping when I try to start.

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    Beeping may be low voltage, low fuel, low oil.
    If you have it unlocked and it wont start and its beeping I would say dead battery. It has enough juice to run the display but not enough to start it. Has it been sitting awhile? Usually this is the culprit.

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    Replace battery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    check battery charge and do a load test on it, replace if necessary.

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