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    RXP-X Question...

    I am sure this question has been asked more then once, but I cant seem to find the thread, so here it goes... How fast should a bone stock RXP-X go with a full tank of gas, 210lb rider, 60 degree air temp and 59 degree water temp? Just a ball park would be great.

    Mine 2 ran 69.7 and 69.2...They both have about 5 hours on them.

    Thanks Guys.

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    thats sounds about right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jake2582 View Post
    thats sounds about right.
    Once you get past 15 hours on the clock, you should see a few more RPM which should give you a fe more 10th of a mph.
    Put a R&D grate on it then watch it really fly.

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    Sounds about right.

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    Thats a great starting speed. Mine was about 1mph slower.

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    sounds perfect. mine ran about that with 0 hours and once i had 5 or so hours it would run between 69.8 and 70.7 in good weather.

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    Good numbers

    I ran 68.8 mph just under a full tank in in air temps above 90 degree not sure of the water temp. I only did a few runs and didn't play with the trim much. Not sure which trim setting would be best for speeds??

    I gained a solid 2 mph on the GPS when i swapped out the stock for the R&D grate.

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    ski wakes up around 10-15hrs like said above. enjoy.

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    mine ran 67.7mph 85 Air 71 Water with 6 Bars of Fuel against the current and in slight chop with 4 hours on the clock.

    i think i can hit 69 if i have smoother conditions and some cooler air.

    only thing done is filled ride plate holes and trimmed RB.

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    Seems like I am right on track then...

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