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    question on msx 150 oil change

    I am working on a msx150 for a guy. I am going to change the oil but when I went to do it there was no oil in the oil tank. This pwc has not been run in about a year now. Does the oil leak down out of the oil tank if it sits for a while? Should I let it run for a few sec and then change the oil?

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    yes all the oil will drain out of the tank and into the sump of the engine. You don't have to run it if you don't want to. Just take the return hose off the tank and pump it into a container. Oil change instructions are in the tech section under Weber I think....oh yeah make sure you unplug your main relay(brown box in rear with a green slide clip) while cranking.

    hope this helps........


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    Thanks thats what I was hoping. I was reading the manual but I didnt see anywhere in there where it said that. Are you talking about the last clip on the ecu? I was just going to disconnect the spark plugs and the injectors will this not do the same?

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