I posted this on the other PWC forum already... now for ya'lls opinion. How bout it Kawasaki gurus? I was under the impression that in 2001 the STX 900 had a updated hull same as the 1100STX DI. But i'm finding some 2001-02 900STS with the same looking hulls as a 1998-2000 1100STX hulls. These are marketed as STS along side the updated STX hulls? Were the STS hulls just left over STX hulls from the 90s that were relabed as STS till they sold em out? To me(except for paint & graphics) a 2002 900STS looks EXACTLY like a 1999-2000 900 STX. While a actual 2002 900 STX has a slightly cosmeticly different hull but with all the gear as this odd ball STS. How many other people noticed this...or am i just crazy???