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    coiled trailer wire extension?

    So i bought this nice load rite aluminum trailer and it is (obviously) all wired already and even has a nice little piece of loam around the wires where the come out of the tongue but I fear the wiring is maybe a few inches short so that if I am turning a tight corner the plug might pull out (or damage the wires or something). So I need an extension. I bought one off of amazon for like 5 bucks but it turns out its like 4 feet long. I guess I can just fold up 3'6" of the extension and wrap it in some tape to give me a 6" extension but I was thinking it would be nicer if there was some sort of coiled extension kind of like an old school phone cord so it sort of contracted when the trailer was straight so the slack wouldnt hang down. Does this make sense? Does this exist?

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    just cut your extender down and splice it back together simple and quick

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    just found this:

    its pretty much what I had in mind...not 4flat though

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    Can you fold or tuck the main trailer harness back inside the frame, and just utilize the four foot extension for the entire span to the trailer?

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    i dont think so...looks like there is just a small hole in the frame where the wires/loam come out

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    Typically trailers are wired so that the wires that start at the four-way flat connector at the tounge do not pass through any type of connector until they tie in to the lights at the rear.

    Take another look at the website you mentioned, the first item listed.
    Description WM Model# MFG Part# Availability Price USD QTY
    3'L, 7-Wire Round Truck-Side Connector, 4/5-Wire Flat Trailer-Side Connector, Red 5193784 99W 1257701 In Stock $24.99
    That will work on your trailer. It's a 5 pin flat connector, and the fifth pin is only used for reverse llights. It will hang off the side of your connector without affecting anything

    You could also take one of those off the website you mentioned, and attach a socket on the ski to plug in to. It would essentially be backwards (the socket is supposed to be on the towing vehicle) but it will work.

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