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    Gp1300 oil issue

    Hey there Yamaha users... I'm going to post a question and I am hoping that somoene can help me out.

    I have two 2006 Gp1300's.. One of them likes to burn a lot of oil,, I am noticing that it's smoking a lot during idle speeds... The other isn't smoking at all!!!!


    I have read that you need to adjust the oil pump... well the cable that attaches to the throttle... Is this right? has anyone done it?

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    was the throttle cable recall done? if so they didnt attach the cable properly. Thats the cause. Have to remove the exhaust to fix.

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    Throttle Cable

    The throttle cable has been replaced twice on both of these PWCs.. So that's probably the issue. I have heard that this can be a big job getting to the cable...

    Can anyone help with advice? Is it just the removal of the exhaust? and what am I looking for when I adjust?

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    the oil cable will be hanging off, if it is what I experienced. Just take all exhaust off except the manifold.

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    Has anyone ever done this job... It looks like a hell of a job to get at the cable to adjust..!!!

    any help?

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    Problem solved.

    You were absolutly right,, I took the engine apart and the cable had fallen off the wheel, and was no longer bolted in place.!!! A simple fix and the machine runs like new..!!! Thanks for the Help!!!!

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