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    Exclamation Too much Mid shaft play

    Help please, I replaced my mid shaft and pto coupler, it's aligned properly as is the mid bearing. However, I have just over a 1/4 inch of mid shaft play between the pto coupler and the rear shaft coupler. In other words I can slide the midshaft forward toward the engine and back to the mid bearing assembly about just over a 1/4 inch. I'm no engineer but this seems like a recipe for being broke down in the gulf.(again...) TY in advance for your input.

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    Model ? Year ?

    First be sure the drive shaft with engaged splines in the Impeller has the Rubber Button on the end--that's a 1/4" by itself. Next, check that you have the Zirk fitting (ITEM#17) greased since the grease will push the shaft closer to/from the Jet Pump through the Mid. Bearing to the Front Drive Shaft.

    ITEM # 12 >>> http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....e=13&A=55&B=11

    The Rubber Damper of the Couplers is supposed to have about an 1/8th" end gap. (and you have two Couplers ITEM's#23)

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    I had that problem and fixed it by cutting a piece of 1/4 inch hose and sticking in at the end of my prop.

    never a problem again

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