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Thread: Keihin Pop-off

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    Keihin Pop-off

    Have a single Keihin carb from a 04 Freedom. I was doing the pop-off test and since I read in the manual "Mini Vac" I used vaccum instead of positive pressure. Could I have damaged anything by doing that?

    I used about 14 PSI of vaccum when I realized it would never pop going the wrong way.


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    Where did you apply the vacuum ? If it did not "pop" or loose vacuum, I would say no damage.
    But would like to look at the fuel pump flaps/valves.

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    Thanks Casey67. I put the vac on the fuel inlet but no, nothing popped and maintained vacuum just fine which at least tested that the needle and seat have no air leak but I should have been pushing not pulling .
    I'll open it and see if the fuel pump valves bent.

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