First I would like to just start out saying that I've been lurking on the forum for about 2 months now and this forum has been a wealth of information and has a very good group of very knowledgable people.

So after doing alot of reading on this site I'm ready to take the pludge on my first ski. I'm looking at gp1200r's and my budget is 3,000 which by the looks of it should get me somthing in decent shape no? I'm willing to look at anything even if it needs some work keep in mind I want to keep it under 3k. One thing I'm a little concerned with is buying a ski just to have it take a dump on me half way through the summer. This makes me what to buy a ski with a blownmotor so I can rebuild it and not have to worry about it knowing it just got rebuilt. Is it unreasonable to believe that blown ski will only cost $500-$1,000 to get going again? I know you need to pay to play I just don't want to buy someones money pit.

I know this should probably go in the classified section but I don't have enough posts. I should have joins this great forum earlier. Thanks in advance for all your replies.