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    2004 Yamaha XLT 1200

    I am selling my 2004 XLT 1200. This is the ski that used to have my ported 1390 in it. I took the 2002 GP1200R that I bought from Jeffsntx a few years ago and swapped everything from the GPR onto this XLT and everything from the XLT to the GPR. So now I have a stockish 2004 XLT for sale that has the following:

    Less than 70 total hours on both hull and motor.

    - Custom Jettrim seat cover
    - Riva 3 piece heads
    - Waveeater clips/couplers
    - D-Plate and Chip
    - R&D Power Plenum F/A
    - Carbs rejetted
    - Jetworks
    - Rule 500 Bilge with handlebar mounted switch
    - Converted to premix (Amsoil only used!)
    - Stock XLT Plate (Already sold the Jims FF Plate)
    - comes with both XLT Pump shoe and a FX pump shoe and stock grates for both.
    - Stock GPR impeller
    - Non-HO pump
    - Free flow exhaust
    - Hydroturf mats
    - Cover
    - Galvanized 2004 Karavan trailer
    - Ski has good compression (140 ish last time I checked) and tags until mid 2011.

    Now the few negatives:

    - gelcoat cracks in the TX No. area on one side... not horrible (can send a pic)- Quick word of advice... NEVER let your wifes best friend that has no experience ride your ski!!!!
    - Needs a new reverse cable
    - Rule bilge is not working but I have another one to throw in!

    The ski is located in San Antonio, TX. Looking for $4500 OBO

    If you are interested or have any questions you can message me or call (210) 882-6490

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