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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    PRO 785 are everywhere

    There's like 10 listed on CL in the past week.

    You can pick them up for pretty cheap. Anyone who wants one, come get it.

    That one for $2500 (Water Cross of Texas race ski) has aftermarket pipes in it. Doesn't say which though.

    Nice score Mick. I just realized yours is listed as 67.5 MPH with a 2* wedge, 8 vane stator, and a Jet Dynamics intake grate.

    You'll most likely be over 70 MPH with a 4* wedge, 6 vane stator, and the R&D grate.

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    This one looks nice. Maybe too much for a 785 that needs motor work? But, it just looks nice in the pics.

    Go get it Al....

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