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    Speedster oil change question

    I'm using these instructions to change the oil for my first time in my '07 Speedster. I am highlighting my point of confusion in red and will ask my question below these pasted instructions.

    Here are the steps to a good oil change.
    Parts and tools needed: OIL/FILTER/Suction pump/rags/funnel/E-10 torx socket.

    1. Go to dealer and get a new filter. (he will lighten your wallet for you).
    2. Get 4 quarts (or litres) of either Sea-Doo's 4 stroke Conventional oil or any conventional 10W40 from a auto store for 10 billion X less.
    3. Warm up the ski, either in the water or on the hose. (not more than 5 minutes on the hose, just enough to warm it up)
    3A. note about on the hose:connect the garden hose, start the ski, then turn on the water and warm up the ski. Turn off the hose then the ski. *never run without the hose for more than 30 seconds as the exhaust manifold has no cooling and could be warped)
    4. Rev to 4000 rpm and press stop with it at 4000 to get the oil to the pan.
    4a. Let ski sit for 5 min to let oil drain back.
    5. Remove Dipstick and set it aside. Remove oil fill cap
    6. Insert Oil suction pump tube into the oil dipstick tube no more than 18.7 inches (mark it with a perm marker or tape)
    7. pump out as much oil as you can (about 3 quarts will come out)
    8. REMOVE the suction pump tube.
    9. Hold the trottle at WOT and crank the engine for 10 seconds. (this turns off the start function and pumps more oil back to the resevoir for pick up)
    10. Reinstall the suction pump hose and suck out more oil.
    11. repeat steps 8 to 10, 3 times then remove suction pump.

    12. Place wrag around oil filter housing to catch any spill (very little)
    13. remove torx bolt from top of oil filter can (plastic on early skis, metal on newer ones)
    14. gently pry the cap off the oil filter can, use a non metal tool so you don't scratch the lid or can.
    15. lift oil filter out of can, be sure what comes out looks like what your putting back in (incase the bottom of the filter stuck in the can, rare)
    16. install the new filter in the can as the old one was.
    17. check the O-ring on the cap and if its not damaged from the cap removal, reinstall the cap,be sure not to catch an o-ring. Tighten the bolt to only 80 inch/lbs.
    18. if your oil was at the corect level before pumping it out, poor it into a semi tranpartent 4 quart/litre jug and see how much you pumped out. (some pumps show you how much so you can skip this step)
    19. put funnel into oil fill and add oil to the amount you pumped out.
    20. reinstall dipstick and oil fill cap.
    21. start engine and hose and check for leaks. (run for 2 minutes at idle)
    22. wait 30 seconds and check your oil level.
    23. if too much, remove dipstick and suck out a little and repeat steps 21 and 22.
    24. check all hoses, clamps, connectors at this time.
    25. Your done!
    *** never crank the engine with the siphon pump tube in the dip stick!!**
    Ski must be level to change the oil, if on a trailer, put a level on the bump strip on the side of the ski, and tilt the trailer untill its level.

    Steps 9-11 - I can't do that step because I can't start the engine unless it is in neutral and I hear 2 beeps. I can't crank the engine. Or... is there some other way to do it?

    Step 17 - I hope my o-rings are good. I don't have spares. My boat only has 20 hours so hopefully they are fine. Also, I don't have a torque wrench and will just shoot for "reasonable" tightness for that size bolt and cover. Hope that will be okay too.

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    Just suck out as much oil as you can. You should get about 3qts out. I wouldn't worry about trying to crank over the engine to get that last pint of oil.

    Don't start the boat without the proper amount of oil in there as indicated on the dip stick.... remember to much oil is bad too... will kill RPM's

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    didnt understand hold throttle open either, as mine wont go to full throotle in neutral. i removed the injector wires and then cranked it, you will get another half quart this way.
    there are 2 orings the lower one does all the oil sealing. the top thin one i was told is for dust. i tore the top one and wanted to go riding. so i tried it without it ,no leaks
    i will replace it on next oil change

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    Thanks for the responses, guys. I changed the oil last week. I pulled out 3.1 quarts and put 2.9 quarts back in. (I think I may have erred on the side of over-filling it previously). I didn't do any additional engine cranking after the initial suck.

    As for the 0-rings, the top cap ring split on me. I put it back in (even with the break). No leaks. I'll be sure and get an extra ring for next time as that top one looks to be in a pretty vulnerable position.

    The K&N filter was a little shorter that the OEM filter that was in there. I sure hope it doesn't matter. It was at least 3/16" shorter in total height.

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    Use the technique below (from Speedster Service Manual) to bypass the throttle safety mechanism and get your throttle wide open to flush out remaining oil (without actually starting the engine).

    Fuel-Flooded Engine
    If engine is fuel-flooded and does not
    start, this special mode can be activated
    to prevent fuel injection and ignition
    while cranking. Proceed as follows to
    activate it.
    – Stop the engine
    – Set throttle lever in idle position.
    – Set shifter lever in neutral position.
    – Install DESS key on DESS post.
    – From engine compartment, manually
    rotate throttle lever into fully
    opened position and HOLD.

    1. Fully-open position
    – Ask someone to press the
    start/stop switch to crank engine
    while still HOLDING the throttle
    lever in fully-opened position. The
    drowned mode is now on.
    – Crank engine several times.
    CAUTION: Do not hold the start
    switch more than 30 seconds. A
    rest period should be observed between
    the cranking cycles to let the
    starter cool down. Pay attention
    not to discharge the battery.
    – Release engine start/stop switch.
    – Release throttle lever and
    start/crank engine again to allow
    NOTE: Releasing throttle lever will
    bring back to its normal mode.
    If it does not work:
    Disconnect ignition coil connectors.
    All three ignition coils are located on
    the cylinder head directly on the spark

    " '()*
    1. Ignition coils

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    Cool Mac, thanks for the advice, I need to change my oil on my sportster and was wondering about this...

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    The way you turn the ski over without starting it is this. Open the engine bay and manually hold the TB open and hit the start/stop and it will turn over without starting. You only need 3 quarts of oil. If you want to save about $6 a quart, a lot of the ski guys are using this....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Autozone sells it for $1.99 to $2.99 /qt.

    You can also get your Oil filters from Dennis for around $4 each.

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    That's the oil I use.
    Saves $$$
    Works great

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