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    Lightbulb Extreme Two Stroke Porting from another planet!!!!

    Found this googling around!!!!
    Have you guys seen anything like this?
    Could it work on GPRs?
    Many interesting mods

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    Anything is possible. Especially if you have the time, skills, and oh yes MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

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    That looks like top notch work. It would be cool to see that done to a 700cc superjet. I'll be a sport and offer my motor to them as a prototype project to test

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    It'd be nice to have exhaust boost ports (snowmobiles have had these for years, along with some watercraft), but the intake looks like that because its a cylinder reed motor...not a case reed like ours is.

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    Yea, Thats a Cheetah mono block that we've been running on banshees for the last 7-8 yrs.

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    Just called him dont do much for skis
    Nice guy but

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    Thats the aprilia 2T track bike right?

    I think i recognize that website

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