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    Valve setup.. Need some help

    Have someone tested Ferrea GenII valves and only the retainers.. ?? It sounds maybe little bit stupid.. But here in Scandinavia (Norway,Sweden) is the stock exhaust valves so expensive that the Ferrea Gen II valve set with 12 valves have the same price..

    I have the Rotax Racing titanium retainers

    Or can i just buy some valve springs to complete my setup. I remember that i have read a thread about this.. It was something about different retainers when you use stock/racing springs

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    Kimmo, the Ferrea valves will work fine with just the retainers. 8600 RPM would be no problem.

    How many RPM do you plan to run?

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    Around 8600.. for this season ( i have the Riva ECU )

    Jerry i will order this soon.. thanks

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