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    1999 polaris gensis Carb

    Have a question going to replace reeds on ski just got in the boyseen pro reeds carbon fiber I was wondering if you have to adjust the carbs low and high needle after the Reed Install or if the factory Carb setting is okay. I really appericate all the great answers and help from this site everyone is very knowlegable and great with responses. Thank you again.

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    I have not done a genesis with those reeds but most of the time when you make a change I would always say to richen the carbs screws a 1/8 to 1/4 on low and Hi speeds and run it and see how she runs and adjust as needed.
    I have do reeds in most ski's that dont need any adjustments and a few that need it bad.
    So be Safe and richen that sucker and go from there.
    Good Luck

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    no high adjusters on those keihins,only lows.

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