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    GP..Sitting Electrical Drain on your battery..

    Reading here last week of a comment by MPEAVLER reminded me of the on going prob of my and any GP.. Electrical systems drain on your battery while sitting or in storage..I have a gel cell so this is not as bad nusiance as a 'wet' acid battery in a ski.. I am looking at a BLUESEA 6006 Marine single battery model that I would mount under the rear seat.. this is a two pole on/off unit approx 3 x 3 x3 inches (they also make a two battery unit for non charging flywheel applications to give you a double supply of juice)

    Any thoughts ?? IMT, with this your disconected Quickly without drain down worries !
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    A battery isolation switch is the go ! If left long enough, damage can occur to the rectifier/regulator which the allows current to discharge thru the highspeed and low speed charging coils that supply the CDI with power. They heat up and burnout which results in no spark and no starting. I went thru 3 coils before Pistonwash gave me the headsup years ago. Replace both aforementioned parts together and then install a battery isolator switch.
    End problem.

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    This is a good idea or simply just have a rugged On/Off deal at the battery to help prevent the drain. It's a constant issue if you let the ski sit for more then a few weekends on the GP's. I wonder if it's because the dash consuming power to retain the info.

    Regardless....I don't have the dash in my GPRaider....however, I don't have that dash either ...and never have a battery issues.


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    im using one of these for my dual batt. MSD set up-on my custom alimunum batt. box i have made a tab for mounting this sucker..

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