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    04 4tec help please

    Hi, have 04 4tec non s/c. Went to fire it up this year here's what happend. Charged battery fully, installed went to turn over, barely wants to turn over, acts like low battery or hydrolocked motor. Replaced battery with brand new one, same thing. Removed plugs turns over but not great. Installed new starter, same thing. If you try like 10 times before battery draws down it might start up. Removed valve cover everything looks fine. Cam timing is on, number 3 tdc, lines on gear match, etc, all good, chain is were it's supposed to be riding. It is a bit cold out, would to thick of oil cause this? Dealer changed it at end of last season Turns over no problem by hand, engine it self not tight. Any ideas?

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    Maybe something is draining the battery when connected. Have you checked voltage before and after a full charge ?

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