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    99 XLL 1200 Reliabibility Problems - Used

    I was hoping to get a used "stock" Yamaha family jetski for its super reliability and good ride. Only 75hrs, shoot my old wave venture 700 had over 300 hres when I sold it and it was modified but never gave a minutes problem. So far I am getting a lot of bad poop on this model that makes me wish I had done a lot more research before buying. So far I have found the wrong plugs (BR8HS vs BR8ES-11) in the ski, which I thought was the problem for the high speed bog it has. I was wrong rode today in the cold, and top speed is only 53 and bog is still pronounced and consistent but ski runs better overall and down low. Now I know why dealer was reluctant to let me test ride. And today it would appear that I found my cats bad. I already had the D plate ordered (not here yet) but I was still shocked to find a chuck of something metal coming out my exhaust. The plugs also are way off on jetting with #1 having a red tip (fuel additives per google), #2 is lean white, #3 is rich gray.

    Questions: Is there a chance the motor has been damaged on stock ski with bad Cat? Spark plugs while off color do not show any damage and top of pistons looks ok thru hole, plus the power feels strong overall except for that high speed bog. Also, I only run premium fuel but who knows what the previous owner ran in it. Of course I will take exhaust off and clean, I sure hope that I can get it back to a normal family ski?

    What else do I need to check on a used ski of this model to get it safe and reliabile and fun? I do have the valve kit, grate, and ride plate on order, should be in next week. Boy am I disappointed in Yamaha, way to many issues for average Joe. Fortunately I am a tinkier and don't mind fixing if I can get good advice and instructions.

    Is the bog and odd colored plugs likely caused by bad cat? Do I need to pop the head off? Thanks.

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    Update my own thread

    Well, jumped to conclusions, did not find anything wrong with cat. And since I was right there, popped head off and thank god it all looks fine. #2 does not show signs of lean under the head, same as others. Bad news is I still have an unexplained high speed bog and it does appear someone has been into the engine before at least to the cat. No signs of any carb work. Beats me why anyone would replace cat but that appears to be the case since I have old cat chunks coming out my exhaust. I guess that means I must go farther. Boy was removing that CAT a job. I thought it would be simple, I was wrong, any advise or links to simple way to do that job would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well, bad stuff ended up being pretty good. The Cat on closer exam was shot, loose all the way around and about to fall out. The material I found on ground did come from this cat. Second, all pistons, cylinders, and heads looked great. I am going to be more positive about my ski now. I also checked oil lines and all are good and tight plus the hose to cylinder had hose clamps on them. I removed the rubber hose from air intake to silencer hopefully this won't affect anything but add a little more noise. Still dread putting that pipe back together. Definitely need service manual.

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    Got same ski, go premix and get some waveeater clips

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    Fixed oil lines instead

    I like the oil pump setup for family ski and resale value. But I did try to fix the crappy oil line to carb situation. All those connection could be pulled loose without resistance. Problem is barb on carb is too small and needs more bit. My solution ended up being to use two zipties instead of one and getting both on there very tight. Now these lines will not pull off by hand. I also checked all other oil lines but all else seemed ok.

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    Seized with high speed bog friday

    Well the busted Cat was not my problem, after fixing with D plate and added PV kit and R&D ride plate, I went for a ride. All seemed good at first, but first high speed run it seemed the bog was still present. Decided to ride some and see if any thing changed. Bad move, out in middle of knowwhere, got to fast and let it bog, that was followed by a lean seizure, been there done that, made me sick to stomack. Skipping ahead, tore it down, plugs white on 1&2, #3 grey, not good. But this time I tore it to the carbs, expecting to find something there, nothing, carbs looked great, motor surprisingly is OK, not even a detonation strike, no piston scoffing, no scarred cylinders, turns freely. I knew I was missing something, ordered jets (120mj, 90pj) gaskets, etc. But knew I am missing something, checked fuel petcock, checked fuel tank vent check valve - Bing go, check valve is failed will allow air both ways and could not get it to work. IS THIS MY PROBLEM ON TOTALLY STOCK SKI that seems to be in good condition? Please let me know cause I am exhausted from working on this thing and losing patient. Plus I do not know what to do with the jets I've ordered. I would hate to put them in a stock ski and make it run too rich when the fuel vent check valve was the problem all along. HELP, I've reached the limits of my knowledge on this subject for time being.

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    If you want to jet it I have a rd power plenum flame arrestor that will let you do so

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    Where did you read you needed to run premium fuel? Regular is fine on a stock machine.

    Also, re-jetting seems like a bandaid solution to your specific problem. On a stock ski you should not be having seizures like this that require rejetting assuming you are using the stock airbox and everything else is stock.

    I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on where to look, but hope someone else can chime in soon.

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    Update on Reliability issues-1999 XL1200 LTD

    Bottm line is Ski now runs great, 65MPH gps, great handling, very good on gas, power and accel is incredible (new FX HO ran even or slower than me) and starting and running reliably, but cost me twice what I had planned to spend. Here is a list of things done: Fuel flapper removed (caused bog), oil line and fuel tank check valves replaced, running oil in gas(100:1) and premix after crank seized (third ride), new OEM crank, hand polished ports and exhaust (must be where the extra power came from?), gas and oil tanks cleaned, carbs needles replaced with adjustable, oil lines rerouted and protector hoses removed, d-plate added, intake silencer and hose removed, new rings, gaskets, wrist pins and bearings, riva ride plate, 2003 sponsons, 2005 carb insulator and longer carb bolts after carb shaft seizing problem developed, waveeater PV kit, intake grate, richer jetting 95 pilot, 120 main, stock popoff, hull painted and rough sanded, bottom bolt holes filled, hood hinge replaced (broke off on fourth ride-expensive). Air intake hoses shortened and routed better, pump shoe and hull nuts replaced with new model shoe plate, accel pump adjusted slightly leaner (less stroke), extra throttle spring added at oil pump, premium gas, and aluminum trailer completely overhauled. Now the fun part, just gas it up and ride. So far is seems to be doing surprisingly good on all counts, it should I have spent double what ski cost and about four weekends working nonstop. Would not recommend doing this to a friend, but I would love to fix up one of the GP1200 or GP1300 models now that I know how to work on these motors.

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    If you are hitting 65gps with those mods you are doing damn good. Congrats! I had a '99 XLL, those are the speeds I was getting with ADA heads, VF3 reeds, and Jims FF mod to my R&D plate. Jim at Jims Performance is the guy to talk to about the XLL, he has gotten some unreal speeds off of his.

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