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    How Fudged am I? Need Help Please!

    Ok guys, I am humbly asking for some assistance.

    The Problem: 2002 Yamaha GP1200R died now wont start.

    The Situation: Last season I installed a Riva high flow exhaust as shown

    I hacked up an original tube and removed the 'silencer', replacing it with the aluminum tube you see there.

    The first time out, after about 5 minutes, the ski started to bog down and die. It fired back up, bogged and died again, then once more. After the final death the ski wouldnt fire at all and I was towed in.

    When I pulled it out of the water I was able to crank it and go through the normal flush routine but the motor was obviously running poorly and sounded like it was about to blow up.

    Well I didnt touch the thing until this morning (about 6 months).

    The first thing I did was pull the plugs, here they are:

    No bueno. There is obviously corrosion on the #2 cylinder, and all three had some sort of corrosion on the top of the plug.

    I did a poor man's compression test (with my finger) and all cylinders seem to have compression although one did seem lower, but who knows, I need a gauge to properly tell.

    Well I replaced the plugs and gave it a go but no surprise it still didnt fire.

    Additionally there is a fair bit of greenish 'goo' resting in the bottom of the hull as seen here:

    It seems that my next step is to remove the head but I really dont want to and am scared what I might find.

    Here is a picture of the covered #2 cylinder:

    I was hoping one of yall in your infinite wisdom would have encountered this before and can lead me in the right direction. I'm really hoping this isnt a total loss and instantly regretted putting on the exhaust.

    Please help a brotha out, if youre in San Diego or know someone here who is proficient with these things than that could be really helpful too.

    Thanks Guys!!!!!

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    Check your number 2 oil line and see if its still hooked up.....just guessing since you see something in your might be oil????

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    thanks for the quick reply and suggestion, that seems like a natural place to start.

    I realized I posted this issue before and here is a link to the original thread.

    again sorry mods, rookie mistake.

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    You need to answer the question. What is the compression?
    With all the plugs out it should still pop your thumb off the plug hole when you bump the starter.

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