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    Cool Bought first used jet ski... is this normal?


    This is my first post. I bought a 2000 ultra 150 with about 120 hours on it. I just put it in the water for the first time today and it seams to have a hard time idleing. The water was COLD, and this is why im not sure if its normal.

    Jet ski runs perfect out of water. In the water it runs good with the choke on half way; however, it won't idle for more then 30 secconds before it stalls. Higher rpms run well, but when you let off the gas, it bogs and almost stalls if your not careful. I did not try to run higher rpms with the choke off (I was afraid I would get stuck in the middle of the lake).

    Any ideas where to start... if this is not normal?

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    sounds like its lean on the low side, or maybe it the idle screw just needs adjusting

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    Thank you for the quick reply! Is there an easy way to adjust or test my current carb setup? Do you do it using a hose or on the boat launch?? I have tools and "some" talent. Sorry for these noob questions.

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    you never base your self or tune a ski outside the water or on the hose,

    To start fresh, do a compression test on each cilynder, remember to open the throttle wide while testing and you want to do it while its cold.

    if the ski is carburated, it might help if you rebuild them, its not hard to rebuild carburetors, pretty straight forward, sometimes all it takes is to rebuild the carbs.

    if you decide not to rebuild them there is a member here that can rebuild them, his name is Osidebill

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    Welcome to the board!

    As stated earlier start out by checking compression then put a fresh set of plugs in it.

    There are actually several things you need to check out. First thing I would change out the oil lines to the carbs and balancers. They are prone to crack with age and are a known ultra killer. Here is a thread on the ultra 150 board with what you need.

    Another thing you want to check out is your pump. Earlier model ultras had issues with the pump seal whitch kill the bearings. To check pull the pump and remove the tail cone, if you find water then they are bad. While your there check the wear ring clearance. It should be arround .006in.

    For your running issue adjust your idle to 1200 rpm in water. You also need to remove the flame arrestor and start it up. Look down the carb throats and make sure all 3 slides are moving when you hit the gas. They should move freely and even. You could possiby need to remove the carbs and clean them out. These carbs are cv type carbs so they are a little different to rebuild and that is probably not nessasary.

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    Ok, I admit, I really suck.

    Last night I changed the plugs and adjusted the idle. Then before I took it to the lake today, I decided to put some fresh gas in it. The gas gauge read almost full... but the pump put in 16 gal's!!

    Turns out the gas gauge is broken and it was just running on fumes.

    Thank you for your help!!

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    check the pisser!!! when you have it out it should be on the right side front

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