A local guy her in FL told me that for carburated watercrafts that run on this new ethanol fuel, there's a way to help de-gum up the inner fuel system. He told me to add a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel cleaner to the fuel tank w/ about 5 gal of gas. Run the engine for 5 min to allow the fuel cleaner and gas to make it's way through the fuel system. Let it sit like that in the fuel system for 2-3 days and the Techron will de-gum up the carbs/lines/etc...and on day 2 or 3 fill the tank up completely, and take her out for well, as long as you so desire.

I've used numerous amounts of different fuel cleaners in my boat, and honeslty it only helped more and more. I was just unsure if there was anything in a Jet Ski which was different and would be affected differently? Thanks in advace !

P.S. I'm running a stock 95 Sea Doo GTX w/ the 657 2 cyl rotax.