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    Polaris Virage TX 01

    I started a new thread so not to get confused.

    my ski's been having issues with power loss while in use, the screen resets after a couple minutes riding with motor still on, then power comes back in full.

    i cleaned and reconnected all ground wires and now the ski wont start at all... theres no spark but motor does turn over... the screen is on and battery is fully charged.

    kind of confused now. is it the stater or coil?

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    Measure the battery voltage while cranking. The battery must deliver more than 10.6 volts while cranking, or you will not have spark.

    When the MFI goes blank, does the engine do anything different?

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    the volts are at 10.6 and the motor doesnt do anything different.

    this morning i hooked up the battery again and this time the screen wouldnt come on at all but the motor does turn over.. still doesnt start.

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    Is the battery voltage is just barely 10.6 volts, or well over 10.6 volts?

    Recheck every ground connection. Disconnect battery positive wire.

    Measure ohms from electrical box black terminals to battery negative post. Should be zero ohms.

    Unplug the MFI display at the connector behind the display. Install the security bypass jumper.

    How to unplug the MFI and still allow the engine to crank, start, and run

    Reconnect battery positive. Inside the electrical box, connect your volt-meter to Black CDI wire, and to Red/Purple CDI wire.

    Crank engine and watch voltage. Must be over 10.6 volts, at the CDI.

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    If still not working, check the magneto stator.

    How do I test old and new domestic red engine CDI, Magneto and Ignition coils?

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