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    Help With Ride Plate - 05 STXR

    Hey guys, right now on my ski is an R&D ride plate. I dont know exactly which one it is though. I'm trying to learn here, so bear with me.

    What I am wondering is if it is worth it for me to get a shred master ride plate instead of the R&D one. I am wondering based on things I have read here in the forums and when I search Google about ride plates. Would the Shred master help me stay stuck to the water better and not porpoise as much as the R&D plate? Would it increase my top speed? What about the intake grate also? I am going to take a picture of mine, because I cant tell if its stock or not, or if I should modify it to help me out in the speed department and sticking to the water better.

    In one of my other threads I told a story how the STX R was porpoising a good bit the other day in choppy water and 3 people on it... I want to be able to stick good, but not hurt top mph in the smooth stuff... so please give me some advice. Thanks a lot!

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    Hi Bow tie ...

    Ok ride plates, Yours is a R&D one I assume which is the normal after market ride plate for the stxr and was the only one really used till the shred came out.

    In theory the shred should be better on the porpoise problem and also "claims" a 3+mph gain.

    Now here is a big problem when it comes to after market items and claims ...not all claims are true or get what they claim. On any ski and all ski's it's the same way. Recently the last few years because of forums busting the claimed speed or performance gains of items the people releasing the products cant up there product and have to be more true to the gains they provide. Which some items work as advertised. But only as well as the person who installs it and pays attention to detail.

    So back to the shred. I have not seen enough usable info yet for :"me" to buy one. But I bet it would be a very good plate but it also is the most exspensive one. I have followed it from it's release and have not seen much but hope that will change.

    As for intake grates... Stock is basically 3 long bars running from front to back. It is the fastest of intake grates and modified can gain maybeanother mph. But adding hookup I bet it doesnt add any really.

    Now if you have a aftermarket intake grate it will have 2 long bars but ethier 1 little wing in the middle or a really big one. If it's more gray looking it probably is a worx which is pretty popular with the least of speed lose in the after market intake grates. Now if it's R&D it will look silver with a big wing going side to side.

    If you happen to have the R&D pro 2 combo that would be a intake grate that actually sits in the ride plate a little if you could call it that. With a R&D ride plate. Bascially both from R&D and has to be used together. I have a pic in my project section of that plate and grate combo and a few others Im sure you could find you ride plate intake grate there.

    Now to speeds and how it rides. First the stxr is a slow ski up top but can be fast in certain conditions because it hooks up very well in the rough water and can maintain speed better than alot of other ski's. But @ 61 mph for a average top speed hard to keep up sometimes.

    Now a ride plate like R&D will add top speed at least 1 mph the attention to detail could get you another mph or more. A shred could ride better than the R&D but may only provide a 1 mph gain but may give the posted claim. Not sure.

    Now for intake grates. They will scrub speed but hook up better and can also aid in the ride and not bounce as much.

    So right off the bat it's hard to get the best of both worlds. Speed and good handling because in most everyday pwc riders there are the average rider who goes out and rides and doesnt care much about alot of goodies. Then there are the top speed junkies who go for the most speed but they will sacrifice there handling but it's because they probably just ride in smooth water. Then there are the people who like alot of handling and rough water speed and like to be quick these people seem to also race as well.

    So anyway there is alot to it but for what you want you may want to start simple and only do one thing at a time.

    A shred may be what you need because you seem to want to take people with you than ride solo most the time. And being that the shred is also the longest plate it should keep the nose down better.

    Read thru my project and see if anythere helps you.

    Where are you from by the way. ??

    Hope this helps

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    hey man, thanks a lot for all the info, i will get under there and try to see what grate i have exactly... i think its probably to stock one. I am from just south of tampa bay florida in a town called palmetto.

    I do like taking people with me, so we can get out on the water and have some fun, but I love riding hard by myself also... I will think about it some more and take it slow... thanks for all the info, ill read it some more and try to digest all the info. Thanks

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