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    max piston/cylinder clearance with wiesco

    Just got a 97 GTX with the motor in a box. Has 2nd over wiesco's in it. I found the new clearance should be 0.007-0.008".

    What is the max clearance with wiesco's?


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    Wiseco still claim 4.5thou
    my ones are at 6.5, but definately slow and long warm up

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    I set my smaller wiseco 650 twin,900 triple .004 to .005,With a careful breakin and proper warm ups, you'll have a bullet proof engine.If I'm building a wiseco engine for a couple of teens who only like to go fast,.005-.006 ,It'll rattle a little at idle,but much safer so I dont have to do warranty work,on say a 951 twin.I still set them up at .0055 to .0065 but have my wife break them in for first 2 hrs before I give them to customer.(shes 51 and rides slow)>Marvin

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    I Bore a lot of cylinders with Wiseco pistons about 100 or so a month and on your 800 I would set it up at .0055 to .006 But with any Piston there is a warn up period.
    When I launch the ski I mainly always start the engine on the trailer out of the water for 30-40 seconds turn it off back in the water and re-start the engine and let it run for 2-3 minutes while the ski is on the trailer then launch the ski by the time you get throw the 5 mile per hour you will be up to temp.
    Warm Up is Everything and mainly with the Wiseco piston other then that there the Best.

    Hope this helps

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