OK now I find out that even in a 2007 4tec that just changing the gauge requires it to be woken up by seadoo and their infamouse laptop.Why would they design a lcd gauge that unless its taken in to a dealer the PWC wont start??I realize they want to protect their dealers .however there should be some limits,I mean even in a mercedes you can change some engine sensors and gauge without needing a dealer.Shouldnt SEADOO be charged with protectionist laws over something like this.its not right!!next thing you know they will be adding radio-active isotopes to the oil and a pip tag to filter so engine wont start unless its done by a dealer!!Sorry for rant but its just not right!!The DESS key is bad enough but the gauge???come on seadoo!!!now you know why I will be buying yamaha next time!!PS the worst thing is the check valve on rear of gauge was installed wrong from factory!!!!!>Marvin