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    Has anione tried the flying manta ray towable

    Sorry for the typo in the title!!

    I found this online and was wondering if anyone has tried this witha PWC?

    It looks like a lot of fun.


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    Those things have been banned in many places.

    There is a real danger of injury due to the potential heights and uncontrollable flight characteristics.

    A big PC might be able to pull one, but I would not want to be involved.

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    that think frikin looks fun

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    Saw one being used here last season was all good till it got real high and then flipped over driving the rider into the water upside down and dragging him along.
    As they say "Its all fun until someone gets hurt"

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    pwc pulls it easy i made this video pulled with 15F

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    I almost got killed on the "kite tube". Same concept as that on in the video, only a circle instead of the "batwing" shape.

    Alot of fun, but VERY dangerous. Many neck and chest injuries.

    I fell from about 25-30' at 30 MPH. Landed face first, head snapped back, and my feet came over the top and touched my shoulders. VERY BAD...... Knocked the wind out of me, causing me to take a big gasp of air when submerged. They had to jump in after me. Thank god for the life vest!!!!!!!!

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