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    Smile vx110 with intake

    I have a 2005 vx. I was having some issues with my top speed. I was only hitting 47-49 on the dream-o-meter.

    I installed a "ram air" intake kit that they sell at AutoZone. Filter and pipe cost me about $80. That fixed my speed issue. I now hit around 55mph on the dream-o-meter.

    I used GPS to check my speed.... I hit a steady 53mph. That's with half a tank and Iím about 190lbs.

    I also gained a fair bit throughout the power band. Acceleration is much better.

    I just wanted to put this info up to help the community or if anyone searches on Google. There isnít a lot of info out there unfortunately with vx mods (just intake gains). Exhaust will be my next mod.



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    Can you post some pictures of how it looks on the jet ski. I want to see what it looks like. Also, which ram air kit is this?

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