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    2001 GP1200r out of storage

    I have a 01 1200r with 65 hrs on it. It has been sitting in my parents garage for a couple years while I was away. I tried starting it and it ran pretty rough and of course the battery died. I about to start tearing it down and doing some clean up and tlc. I was inspecting everything and found this.

    I guess its the gasket on the pump shoe. I haven't pulled it off yet to see. I remember last time I was on it I know some big hesitation on acceleration and the more I've read on here it sounds like caviatation. This would explain why. I guess I will put a pump seal kit on it. Does this gasket come with it or is that something I will have to track down?

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    pump shoe

    at yamaha when u get the pump seal kit get the gasket and silicone! u might as well do the intake grate to while u take that apart! be carefull of not snaping the bolts cuz then u gotta change the inserts!

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    Send theevette a PM, he has a new pump plug kit for sale.

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    I just sent him a PM. Thanks for the info. I'm not looking to mod it more than just a D plate and a seal kit for reliability. I just want to get it running again.

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    Your gonna mod it, you just don't know it yet

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    I got ppk, pm if your interested

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    PM sent. Thanks alot. Now its time to get everything taken apart and cleaned up and get on the lake. Where is the cheapest place to find a battery for these? I found one on Ebay for around $70. Is there anywhere else that can do better?

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    I have done alot of searching and reading and I've got some conflicting results. Here is my parts list for the next few weeks. I have a ppk, an oil block off plate. I am planning to order a d plate and chip, wave eater clips. I am thinking of pulling the stock FA's and just putting the large one on the factory airbox from island racing. I am going to have the stock carbs off to rebuild anyway. My question is should I go ahead and disable the accel pump and remove the choke plates and rejet to the tried and true set up. I dont really plan on doing a whole lot of high performance mods to it. I just want to get it on the water and enjoy it without worrying about the mid range seize or oil lines coming off. Should this about cover it?

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