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Thread: overheated 787

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    overheated 787

    well I took my 96 xp out today and it was running fine and then started to bog down,so I started to head back to shore when my temp light turned on. so i slowed down and noticed that i was taking on water so since the water is still very cold i had to start it up and get closer to shore. well it turns out the hose that feeds water into the motor blew off and flooded the compartment. the motor overheated and shut off. so my question am i skrewed? i took the plugs out and they were full of water and oil so im letting it dry any other suggestions?

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    Were you in salt or fresh water? How long ago did this happen? When you say your letting it "dry out".. what do you mean by that? Did you take the plugs out and crank it over to get the water out? Did you get it running? If so did you fog the engine? Is the engine seized? We need more information.

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    ok im sorry no i havent got it running it happened today in fresh water. i just pulled the plugs for the night i didnt do much with it since im at my buddys. should i pull the plugs and turn it over? and i dont belive the enginge is siezed because i can hear it cranking and not firing

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    Pull those plugs and crank it over. Get all the water out ASAP! Then, get it running on the hose. After a few minuets of running.. fog the living shit out of it. You should be fine. Do a compression test while your at it.

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    I pulled the plugs and turned it over think i got it all out would it be ok to do the rest tomorow? when I fog it just spray the oil in the cylinders and let it sit? thanks for the help!

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    Really.. you need to get it running to raise the temperature. When the engine gets going it will quickly evacuate any water sitting in there. When you fog you spray WD-40, SD lube, fogging oil or JB-80 into the carbs while it's running. spray it until it bogs a tad and shut it off.

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    dont wait until tomorrow, It doesnt take long for rust to build up, specially in the naked internal parts, pistons, sleeves bearings, you better run it today, or else it will catch up with you in the long run.

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    can i run it a little without water? the only problem is i dont have my hose adapter with me to hook water up but i do have some wd40 should i just get it runnin a little?

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    run it a few times

    better to run it with no water then to let it rust!

    run it for 30 seconds, let cool for 5 minutes, run it for 30 seconds again

    keep a hand on the pipe..when it starts getting uncomfortable, swicth it off..fog and crank it a few times..then let it cool for a bit..then do it again

    fog the crap out of it. If you don't have fog oil wd-40 will do..heck ..even injector oil will do! need to get it warm and oily

    rust happens faster then you might imagine. every leave steel wool out on the sink?

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    when I leave some of my tools inside my glove box on my ski overnight they are already starting to rust the next morning, Imagine a bare unprotected metal?!

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