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    Hull tips

    Hey just in the middle of building my ski over this winter. I have it all apart and are painting it black. I want to know is there any thing you can do to the hull to make them better while I have it striped and are repairing little holes. I'm also going to fill in the rear gunnle like leo hole shot kit while I'm there has any one done this before thanks

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    some swear by hull truing but i have not tried it myself....also make sure from the shoe back it is stepped and nothing hangs down to catch any water as that robs speed big time.

    you may want to consider installing leo's hole shot kit while your at it if its all stripped down.

    as far as repairing hull damage, marine tex is a favourite around here but make sure you wear gloves etc.. as its very very toxic. however that being said, its very easy to sand once dry and sets rock hard so its easy to work with, just dont get it on your skin

    ps; careful if you true your hull yourself as a few locals i know had problems when they did theirs and it took them quite a bit of testing to fix.

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    that stuff it toxic? iv honestly had a few marine-tex/peanut butter sangwigiz, im not even kidding

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    its carcinogenic, meaning its known to cause cancer.

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    Thanks for the info I'm filling in the back of the ski with building big then glassing over it like Leo hole shot

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    sounds like a plan and any good build starts with exactly that, a clear plan.

    best of luck with your project, be sure to start a thread in the projects section

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