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    ingition coils firing order question

    hi, i am curious if the black/white from the cdi going to the coils should go to the mag cylinder coil??? and if reverse with the pto coil could make a problem??

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    The three ignition coils are connected in series.

    CDI Black/White wire to first coil Black/White wire.

    Black wire from first coil to Black/White wire of the next coil.

    Same with the last coil.

    Black wire from the last coil then connects to Black at the CDI. This last coil's Black wire to ground is very important, and must have zero ohms to the engine block.

    It does not matter which order the three coils are wired, as long as the last coil is well grounded, and they are wired in series. Black/White to Black between each pair of coils.

    If ANY of the coils is defective, it can affect spark for all cylinders. On a Fuji engine, all three spark coils fire together, every time.

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