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    Electrical loss while cranking?

    1999 Genesis w/Ficht FI as your cranking it to start it will loose power for a few seconds then reset itself and you can try it again. Once it is started it is fine but sometimes it is tough to get it started since it keeps cutting out, and you have to wait for it to reset. I've checked battery and cable connections. Maybe a short in the cable?????

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    What do you mean by 'checked the cable connections'?

    Remove both ends of both battery cables.
    Clean with sandpaper (220 grit would work well). Clean the battery posts. Make sure there is clean metal for every connection.

    At the engine block end of the negative cable, clean the bolt threads and the bolt hole threads, and the surface where the cable connects. Reassemble with good metal-to-metal contact.

    If the starter solenoid is Black in color, I would suggest replacing it with the upgraded newer Brown version. Even if it is still working, the Brown version is better.

    You can bypass the solenoid (as a test) by shorting the two heavy terminal studs with a screwdriver. There will be sparks, so use a firm hand. If the engine cranks properly, then the solenoid is bad.

    If the problem remains, connect your voltmeter to the battery posts, and monitor the voltage while cranking. Battery voltage should remain above 10.6 volts while cranking.

    Tell us what happens after you have done all this.

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

    Older 4010858 starter solenoids with a Black body tend to fail
    Replace with the newer Brown body solenoid 4011043

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    I realize it has been a year, but have been working to much and not riding enough. Back to the Genesis. Yes I have tried multiple times with getting a good metal to metal contact for the battery cable. What is happening is I will hit the starter and it will crank and then it will completly go dead nothing on the screen or no button response. I sit and wait then it will refresh the screen like you just hooked the battery up for the first time. With the ride responsible text across the bottom of screen. It really acts as if the battery has been diconected and re connected. I will try to start again and it will work great or do this cycle again. First time off the dock I have to sit through maybe three of these cycles then it runs great all day, but periodically it will do another cycle in the middle of the day.

    What system resets like this? Is it an electrical load that heats up and needs to reset?

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