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    96 GSX only at 6000rpm WOT, next steps?

    I took the jet ski back out yesterday to do some more trouble shooting and it looks like the problem got even worse. Here is the problem, when i pull the throttle wide open the rpm's will hit 6340 for a second then drop down and run in the 5900 to 6000 range constantly. If will not ever go back up to 6340 unless you let go to 3/4 throttle for a second then go wot again. Even at 6340 im still almost 500 rpms under what my max should be. The ski will also randomly bog at wot sometimes as you are going. It will drop down to 4000rpm then jump right back up to 5900-6000 range. It also hesitate when you first ride it, but after about 15min of riding it takes off fine. here are the steps i have taken.

    -Removed Rave valves, cleaned, and put back together. I made sure that the bellows are still attached to the rave valves also.

    -Pulled the caps off when riding to see if it was not opening all the way, this did nothing.

    -Adjust high speed screw from all the way in to increment up to 1/4 and it didn't affect anything.

    -I found some water in my water regulator cap, so i replace the bellow and there is no more water, but this also did not change anything.

    If anyone has any tips on what to do next i would appreciate it. I just bought this ski last september so i do not really know the history of it. I am not sure if its a fuel delivery problem such as the filters being gunked up or where i should head to next.

    Thanks for your time

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    sounds to me like a fuel delivery problem, if you're reaching the high RPM and then it falls on its face, then my money is that the diapragms on the carbs are streched, out.

    the water regulator could also be the problem, but to rule out the problem a step by step procedure must be done.

    If the carbs were rebuilt and the grey lines were replaced you have to make sure that you cleaned out all the crud from inside, the carbs, even me after rebuilding and replacing the lines, I went through the carbs again and found some more green crud from the old lines.also remove the needle and seat and check for crud, in there.

    Dont be stingy and spray every orifice in the carb with carb cleaner, I also like to remove my Low & High speed needles and clean them a bit.

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    thanks for the help! I'll start taking apart the carbs this weekend. Are there any steps i can take to test and see if its the water regulator?

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