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    Broke intake grate bolt

    So I was putting my new intake, grate, and thermostat in and all went great until i was tightening the last bolt down on the grate. I sheered the head of the bolt right off. So I took it all back off and was able to get the whole brass insert back out. After reading around I think I have decided it may be a good idea to get and girdle and install the it for extra safety when I fix everything. So I was wondering if anyone could hook me up with a place to get the inserts from because the old one is screwed. And also as far as the bolts that are concerned, all I can find locally is zinc plated steel, is there somewhere else I can find all stainless.

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    If it is an RXP you can install the girdle. If you own an RXT you have to seek other options. There is a lot of info on this forum, Just search for grate inserts. I would reccomend calling PPG (Perry Performance Group), they have an insert kit that screws into the original location. They are epoxied in. DO NOT epoxy your stock inserts back in. It will not hold and you will have to replace more than you want. Just ask me how I know.

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