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    Lightbulb NEW KID ON THE BLOCK, have questions about purchasing ski's please help

    Hello everyone i am new to the forum found it a few days ago and spent just about my entire weekend reading and learning!! Great forum and lots of info keep it up!!

    Here is my question my brother and I are in the market for waverunners. I want an RXP-X and he wants the RXP will need a double trailer, now do i buy new or used? What are some key things to look for or inspect when looking at a used ski, what are questions asked to seller of a used ski??

    Please help me out my budget is right around 15k cash for all of this, after reading on this forum i know i will get great feedback so dont let me down

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I strongly suggest that whatever S/D you buy, try and find one with a warranty. Buy a stock ski as well. Modded skis are nice but you can bet most were ridden hard, and yes, there are exceptions to that rule but just be very careful. If you look hard, you can find new left over skis for much less than the cost of a new current year model. New left overs will get you right at your budget, maybe even a hair over.
    What ever you do, do get you the X boat. This is a big difference over the standard RXP. It is basically a factory modded ski. Add $600 worth of parts and you will have a 73-75 ski.
    On the trailer, search and find you a good used trailer; galvanized or aluminum.
    Good luck and bring us what you find.

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    only one reply i know there are more suggestions out there.......please share !!!!

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    Welcome to the forum,

    I purchased my '06 RXP new. However, I rate buying a used performance ski right up there with buying a used muscle car; be careful.

    I think a lot has to be said for a visual inspection...In other words if the ski has say 50+ hrs on it & looks new then chances are it has been well taken care of. Ask for service records/receipts, was it mainly ridden in salt or fresh water, check the hull for scratches or cracks to c if it was beached or has damage & most importantly I wouldn't buy w/o a test ride.

    I remember seeing a '06 RXP on the forum for sale with 7 or so hrs on it so there are deals to be found.

    Good Luck.

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    Best one I have seen is a collapsed engine mount on a second hand ski.

    All looked nice. The guy rode it, the engine tilted too far over unde power, and the seals opened...... Ski sunk!!

    The engine looked like it had been pushed into the fiber-glass on one rear mount... the break was the shape of the mount base, but when you pressed the engine, the thing went through the glass mount.

    Get a person who has seen a few fiddles to help you if buying used... It could save you thousands, ..... is my advice... pref with BUDS software to examine the history in the electronics.

    There are some real lemons out there, and age does not dictate its condition.

    A person recently picked up the most amazing conditioned 04 RXP recently, and for a song.

    There is a minefield out there, just beware.

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