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    1999 SLTH fuel issues

    I just bought this ski and am having issues that believe are fuel related. It starts with a push of the button and idles and reves good while on the trailer but when in the water it starts idles the same but give it some gas and is boggs and dies. The motor has good compression on both cylinders 125lb. I rebuilt both carbs and fuel pump. any ideas?

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    Did you replace the needle & seats while you were in there, did you check your pop off? did you put low & high adjusters back to factory specs? When having fuel & tuning issues most skis will rev just fine on the trailer but when you put the pump uner a load ,no good
    Thats why skis need to be in water or tank tested
    Good Luck

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    I bought it knowing it had an issue but I have always had two stroke dirt bikes and thought i could get it running. After all for $250 I felt like I got a good deal. Just looking for more ideas

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    I bought a 99 SLTH last year and had the same problem. I traced it to 2 areas.

    1. The carb would not hold pressure, I think there was a leak in the fuel pump section of the carb. Bought a used carb from John Zigler and it worked great.

    Fixed the carb issue but still bogged when trying to accelerate. Fixing the carb helped, but I had 2 issues to fix.

    2. My fuel system would not pressurize because the chain on the fuel cap broke off and there was a hole on the inside of the fuel cap.

    Make sure your fuel system holds some pressure. I discovered my problem when I blew into the fuel return line and could not build any pressure. As I was blowing into the return line, a light bulb in my head went off........... the fuel cap.

    I am telling you, as soon as I fixed my fuel cap issue the ski took off from idle like it should. Even if your fuel cap is ok, you should check to see if the system will pressurize

    I never fully understood the importance of the fuel system building some pressure until I fixed my problem.

    good luck


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    I think you may be on to something. The cap is broken. I guess I will buy a new cap and give it a try.

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    Well do tell what fixed it, I have the same problem??

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