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Thread: xlt fx shoe mod

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    xlt fx shoe mod

    I know how dangerous the mod is but I am going to try it. I want to put the fx shoe on my xll. I was told most people longate the holes in the hull but I would like to longate the holes in the shoe in case I want to switch back later and plus the reinforcement I made has been sealed back with the oe glue and we all know how hard it is to remove. Also the flat center of the fx shoe is wider then my jims ff ride plate and wondered if there is any performance gain in making the u shape shoe angles match the ride plate like the gpr perfectly. Does anyone have any pics of theres.

    Edit, 10-17 answered my own question guys, I am going to try and make me my own custom shoe. I found me an awesome aluminum man. Ill let you all know how it works. The drilling of shoe holes dont work, you must drill the hull !
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    Did you ever do or test anything??

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