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    Gasket question - HELP ASAP - before the husband screws it up

    Trying to put my 99 1200xll back together after stuck throttle -repaired throttle and went ahead and rebuilt carbs - there was a lot of corrosion - more than should have been there - was less than 2 years since rebuild - we are now looking for a leak somewhere. In getting ready to put exhaust back in ski, there is some corrosion around one of the metal gaskets - we think there might have been a leak there - don't have replacements for the gaskets - the husband wants to take out the gasket and "rtv it". Any thoughts on this - should we wait for a new gasket?? Since this is MY ski - I am going to make him do it the way I want it done

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    to be on the safe side i would wait for a new gasket..even more so if you think thats a problem area,some will say go ahead and dont worry but for the cost its just not worth taking a chance....
    is the coating still on the gasket....

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    When I reuse metal gaskets I use copper spray on them. Maybe this helps.

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    Dont suggest reuse, but if you do permatex copper spray no silicone

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    How thick a coat do you need to spray on and have before assy.?

    I notice it comes out pretty thin.

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    rtv is for a vehicle!!!!! Don't use it!!!!! Copper seal is ok in certain use situations wait for the new gasket kit!

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    new gaskets=wiser move

    do you really want to be dealing with the exhaust system twice?. Spend the time waiting for the gaskets to arrive to do a stellar job of surface prep. The worst thing to happen is putting it all together and noticing a very small water leak from the exhaust pipe.

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