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    oil usage

    i just got a 97 polaris sl 780 and i have run almost 2 tanks of gas taken it out three times. it runs really good. but i noticed that the oil tank hasent moved how much does it use.

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    Not very much from what I hear when using the oil injection.

    Do yourself a favor and replace the oil hoses and filter to prevent any possible issues.

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    My SL900 uses oil injection. I generally go through the entire tank per every 5 or 6 tanks of fuel. My understanding of the oil injection is that it does not feed oil at the same rate all of the time, therefore if you spend a lot of time idling you will use less than if WOT the entire tank. I have also seen the tank not move much I think it depends on your riding style. To be sure you could add a little oil in your tank for the next few fills (it won't hurt) just to be safe. If the thing still hasn't moved by then you will need to investigate.

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