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    water leaking through pump at steering cable

    Went to take my rxp out this weekend and had it sitting in the water, came back and it was sinking. drained it out and put it back in to see where it was coming from, and it was pouring in from the steering cable inside the pump in the bilge. pulled apart my pump and looked at the steering cable set up. that rubber o ring in there had a bit of a sholder on it, is it suppost to beccause it felt like it went all the way around. it wasnt leaking before just started this weekend, any ideas?

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    Check the collar has not got cracked threads, as it will release tension on the rubber seal.

    Or make sure the assembly is correctly put together, and tightened up.

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    the collar is fine, i hadent touched any of it before i put it in, but there is alot of play from the collar to the part that bolts to the nozzel. id say i can wiggle it almost two inches up and down..

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