I posted this in the FAQ section and got nothin so here goes.
Acquired an 87 650sx, tore it down the cylinders and pistons are in great shape, but I put new rings as the previous owner suggested and a new gasket kit. Converted it to premix and put a stock fuel pump since it had some sort of incompatable electric aftermarket pump without a pulse inlet. Carb has been cleaned and reassembled. New spark plugs. I had it fired up last weekend and ran it on the hose for maybe 5 minutes and everything sounded normal. Since then I have made numerous attempts to get it started again and nothing. It cranks over fine and once in awhile it will hit a few times like its going to start but nothing more than that. I've got a good spark, good compression (126 on both cylinders), plenty of gas...I'm so frustrated with it as I've done everything I can think of doing. Yesterday I checked the wiring on the start/stop switch, the connections between the stator and electrical box, to the ignition, battery...none of the wires are cracked or frayed. I don't have a meter or know what and how to check or I would've checked voltage. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!